You just got a new website designed for your business, however, how do you find out if it’s a well-built website design Singapore? Making a website involves various factors, and these factors vary extensively depending on the precise requirements of your business.

In spite of the different requirements, there are certain elements and features of perfectly built sites regardless of the kind of business of industry. If your website design Singapore has the following features, then you can say a big thank you! to your designer.

Clear Navigation – A site is unusable without a clear navigation. You can imagine how difficult it will be for visitors to your website to navigate through the pages if it’s not user-friendly.

Mobile-Ready – Currently, tablets and smartphones are generating a growing amount of web traffic with the figures increasing astronomically. A lot of people browse on their smartphones with the intention of either buying something, searching for something, or going somewhere. You must ensure that your website is readable on all handheld devices.

Contact Information – There’s no point stressing the importance of contact information on your website. Ensure you have an email address, fax number, address, or a contact form that is easily accessible to your site visitors.

The speed of the Webpage – Patience wanes quickly in people, especially when they are in a rush. The same thing applies to when they visit your website. The longer it takes for your site pages to load, the higher the likelihood of the visitor leaving before the page fully loads. That is not good for business.

Huge Product Images – You must have observed that a lot of B2B websites display huge product images. Displaying large product images on the website is the ideal way of highlighting various features of a product. This gives visitors a better view of the product and this might inspire them to make a purchase.