Reverse osmosis water filters extract between 90 and 99% of every random pollutant from H2O, along with inorganic minerals. In comparison tests for water filtration, reverse osmosis systems constantly beat normal carbon filters when it comes to the elimination of hazardous pollutants in both well and tap and water.

Reverse Osmosis is a transformational water treatment technology initially created in the latter part of 1950’s as a way of desalinizing sea water. Also referred to as hyper-filtration, reverse osmosis is the process through which water molecules are permitted forcefully through a 0.0001-micron semi-permeable membrane with the use of water pressure. This membrane permits only microscopic water molecules to go through, filtering out mostly everything else involving 90-99% of every contaminant situated in the water.

Nowadays this technology has earned its correct status as the most thorough and convenient method to get contaminant free clean water. It is used by a lot of soda and water bottling plants and by numerous industries that need ultra-refined water in manufacturing. Reverse osmosis has made its way into the residential sector as well to become a common under-the-counter water filtration system for a lot of families. But there are some competitors in the water filtration market that are against the reverse osmosis use for drinking water and have spread many baseless rumors against it online hoping to discredit the technology.

This article covers some of the claims and issues brought up against reverse osmosis technology by the critics.

Claim #1 – Water purified through reverse osmosis is not healthy to drink.

Truth: Water from reverse osmosis is healthy and very clean to drink.


Claim #2 – Filters used in reverse osmosis extract healthy minerals from water.

Truth: Reverse osmosis filters extra unhealthy, inorganic minerals from water.


Claim #3 – Reverse osmosis sucks minerals from the body.

Truth: Reverse osmosis water cannot suck minerals from the human body.

Reverse osmosis water filters can extract thousands of random chemical, inorganic and organic pollutants from tap water. The water is very pure and clean, guarding our health from arsenic, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs and even chlorine.