If you desire some really fantastic sound in your lounge, you would definitely need more than a sound bar. Sound bars can be expedient and they provide a huge enhancement over the built-in speakers on your TV, particularly for Sports shows and movies, however, the best AV receiver matched with speakers that are just entry level will take the quality of the sound to an upper level, particularly if you’re a music lover.

Making a decision on the right AV receiver to purchase can be stressful, with all the different models featuring proprietary technologies that someone who’s not conversant with home audio will find difficult to understand. In reality, what you should be focusing on are a couple of major points when making a selection;



This isn’t simply another term for volume. It also governs the ability of a receiver to offer dynamic and detailed sound. Undeniably, a high-wattage (power is measured in watts) receiver delivers better sound quality compared to one with a smaller amount of power, even at medium and low volumes.


Inputs and Outputs

The consideration behind this is really simple; the more input ports and output ports – or ports that can connect to the receiver – the more components (Speakers, TV, gaming system, iPod) the receiver can take.



For newbies to audio-video devices, simply setting up the home entertainment system to get all the components working together is difficult enough, never mind checking whether the components are functioning properly.


AirPlay Compatibility

This is one of the latest advancements being offered in a lot of the newest models of receivers. The technology enables music to be wirelessly streamed by users from an iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) or from digital apps directly to the receiver.


The best AV receiver with all the latest improvements and add-ons is not worth anything if you can’t get it to work. When the receiver panel is easily maneuverable, it could be the difference between watching the dust gather on an expensive system simply because you don’t know how to use it and relishing stadium-quality sound.