The light shoes of nowadays have come a long way from the shining shoes that all the kids had to put on back then in the eighties. They were the natural light up shoes, though they would only light up once the pressure of the foot turned on the lights in the soles.

The company that designed these kids light shoes was called LA Lights. For some years these shoes were the rage, however, they then disappeared. Since that initial brush with LED lights, the light shoes have been around for a long period of time. That blinking LED lights idea was retained in shoes for children and surely spread throughout the world, however, it was just another kind of shoe. These ‘light up when you walk’ shoes turned out to be more of a variety of shoe that parents most times purchase for young children who have just being taught how to walk.

Then in 2013 a pair of designers namely Samuel Yang and Yifang Wan came up with a shoe brand ‘Simulation’ consisting of LED lights in the soles. That was the start of the present craze for light up shoes. Just like the two wheel hoverboard, the elements of the LED shoes were suddenly being made in all electronics factory in Shenzhen, China’s biggest electronics creating hub. The blinking LED lights had transformed into something else altogether.

The new light up shoes feature an entirely surrounding string of LED lights that light up, change color and stay on, in various patterns, all with the press of a tiny hidden switch. Another evident difference is that the new light shoes can be rechargeable. They have a normal USB port hidden in the inner parts as far as the hem of the shoe is concerned. Just plug the shoes into your laptop to charge them. The switch to put the shoes on and shift from one color to the other and to various modes is inside the hem of the shoes as well.