The term gewinnspielfuxx or serious games include an extensive selection of game-like actions, from the generation of ideas to wargames about the Pentagon. The term itself is so all-encompassing that it’s in danger of losing its significance. Attempts at doing a classification of serious games have not been successful at narrowing things down to the basics. In fact, the opposite has been achieved; the more efforts are being made to convince people, the more enthusiastic they are at including all kinds of games.

However, what essentially differentiates serious games from other types of events, or indeed one serious game from another? For us, the essential difference is the function of a game. Some games describe a process for generating better outcomes, with no particular outcome in mind, while other games have outcomes that are very specific as the main purpose. These can be broken down into outcome-oriented and process-oriented serious games.


Outcome-oriented games

Education – A game that teaches people essential skills, from flying an airplane to knowing how to manage employees. These can be algorithmic or free-form games, in the same class as simulations.

Persuasion – This kind of game attempts to change the players’ point of view. However, in practice, for this type of purpose, seriöse gewinnspiele might consider more than one goal.


Process-oriented games

Decision-making – These kinds of games replace the normal decision-making process. For instance, Planning Poker, a game used by software development teams to assess the comparative size of work items.

Discovery – These are games that offer different and fresh insights when compared with old-style techniques. For example, the Product Box exercise gives an insight into the fundamental value that can be delivered by a service or product.

Simulation – A real-world situation is simulated. Algorithmic simulations like computer-generated wargames, enforce stricter restrictions on the choices that are available, while free-form simulations, for instance, role-playing exercises, permit a substantial amount of inventiveness.