If you are in the habit of making milkshakes and smoothies or like homemade soup, then a blender is a useful and fabulous addition to your kitchen equipment – the best blenders can cut up ingredients to a smooth consistency in a matter of seconds.

The following are some useful blender features to watch out for;

Don’t look for a blender without making use of this checklist below to be sure that you buy a blender with the additional features that you really require.

Blender jug: Plastic is lighter however it can absorb odors and get scrapes with time. Glass jugs look more top-quality and stronger, however, they can be heavy when full.

Dishwasher-safe parts: Washing up can involve a lot of stress, therefore search for a blender with parts that are dishwasher safe. It’s more advantageous if the blade can be removed thus making it possible for it to be separated from the jug for thorough cleaning.

Personal blending cups: A couple of jug blenders are accompanied by an extra small-sized blending cup with lid in addition to the normal blending container. Highly useful when you take your smoothie to the gym or work.

Speed settings: Flexible speeds offer better blending control. Many blenders possess a minimum of two speeds, while some have programs created for unique tasks, like ice crushing or milkshakes.

Ice crushing: More advanced blender models sometimes possess a setting for ice crush useful for making frozen drinks or cold smoothies. If your blender isn’t good for crushing ice, it can make the blades dull.

Milling /Grinding blade: Some models will have an extra jug and blades for drier tasks like grinding coffee nuts or beans.

Tamper: This is a stick employed to securely push ingredients onto the blending blades when they are stuck. Convenient for thicker mixes like instant ice cream, but normally the best blenders shouldn’t require manual involvement to blend effortlessly.

Jug blender lids: A lot of models possess removable inserts in the lid, meaning you can add ingredients as you blend for some specific tasks, like making homemade mayonnaise.