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Waco Farmers Markets (Ultimate Guide To Waco Area Farmers Markets)

Farmers Markets in Waco

If you want to buy fresh, local foods in the Waco, Texas area, the farmer’s market season is already ramped up with farmers ready to fill your basket. Farmers markets are a great place to buy fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables, seafood, baked goods and much more all while supporting your local community.

Farmers markets not only allow residents to have access to locally grown produce but to also directly support local areas farmers while positively impacting the community’s economic well-being.

Most farmers markets have kid-friendly activities, live music, and demos in addition to all of the fresh produce. That means you can jam up to your latest local hit while you shop for your vegetables!

So please bring along your largest shopping basket as we check out the best farmers markets in the Waco, Texas area.

Waco Downtown Farmers Market

Suppose you’re searching for fresh in-season vegetables and fruits to treat your taste buds. In that case, you need to visit the famous Waco Downtown Farmers Market.

Here you will find various types of meat, meals, and fresh produce. The Waco Downtown Farmers Market has some of the best agricultural products surrounding the Waco area.

You’ll also find vendors offering seasonal fruits and vegetables such as blackberries, Bok choi, carrots, cauliflower, and cabbage during the summer season. During winter, sweet potatoes, turnips, watermelon are readily available.

History of The Waco Downtown Farmers Market

The Waco Downtown Farmers Market was officially opened in November 2011. Planning and preparations began years before, with business people regularly meeting downtown to discuss the creation of the farm market.

Since the current regulations prohibited the sale of meat, eggs, and cheese without electricity, the Waco farmers market permit ordinance was crafted, which allowed the sale of these products.

New vendors were recruited, which completed the community connections at the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition and Bethel Erickson.

Downtown Farmers Market Hours

The Waco downtown market opens every Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. The market opens from 9.00 to 12.00pm during the summer hours. The market remains closed if a major holiday falls on or a day before Saturday or if there is severe weather. Market updates are made on their website, Facebook, or through emails.

Vendors and Activities

The Waco Downtown Farmers Market is known to feature the best agricultural producers, local cuisine, and artisan vendors.

Some of the local vendors include vegetables and fruits, prepared foods, eggs, meat and cheese, nuts and butter, plants and flower cuts, beverages, bread and pastries, and body care.

Don’t forget to carry a large farm basket and come with an empty stomach! Their delicacies are mouthwatering.

Insider Tips

Are you planning to visit the Waco Downtown Market? Set an early alarm clock! Well, you don’t really have to set an alarm clock, but if you plan to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, it would be best to visit the market early in the morning. If you plan to buy baked food, go to the food trucks.

The food trucks have the best freshly baked donuts, tacos, carnitas, and cheese quesadilla. The trucks have great food options too. You will have a difficult time deciding what to buy.

While most vendors accept cash only, the Waco downtown market has a market booth that acts as an ATM. Carry small change since most vendors may have a challenge providing change for large bills.

The market is under shade, so you don’t have to worry about the heat. There is also ample parking around the market near the streets and an easy walking distance to the market. So bring your family along and let your child train ride around the market, and enjoy local music as you shop!

Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market

This new market began its operations in 2018 in the East Waco area. The Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market is owned and managed by Donna Nickerson and her mother, who are both avid gardeners. The market is a small store that sells local produce grown at their farm and supplemented by surplus produce from local growers.

Donna Nickerson ensures that the products sold in this market align with her organic gardening practices. TheDa’ Shack Farmer’s Market also sells canned items, nursery plants, herbs, homemade fresh pastries and health, and wellness products.

Some of the vegetables you can buy here are collards, lettuce, cilantro, green onions, tomatoes, and Japanese mustards.

This market also offers potting services and gardening classes to assist you with your gardening skills. If you are planning to finally have your own garden, it’s time to visit Waco’s Da Shack Farmers Market!

Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market Hours

The Da Shack farmers market opens every Thursday and Saturday from 9.00am to 6.00pm on a seasonal basis from March to June.

Insider Tips

The De Shack farmers market is a great place to learn about all organic gardening. This farm market also cuts vegetables for its customers and their prices are the best in Waco. We recommend that while your visiting this Waco farmers market that you try one of the smoothies!

Heart of Texas Farmers Market

Unlike the Waco Downtown Market, this farmers market is seasonal and typically opens mid-May through September. This market was formed in 1983. Here you will find fresh vegetables and fruits from local farms.

The market also offers flowers, jams, plants, and many more. The Texas farmers market is a family and local favorite to peruse, enjoy and eat fresh vegetables and artisan meals from local farmers and vendors.

Heart of Texas Farmers Market Hours

The Hear of Texas Farmers market opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7am to 2 pm at the heart of the Texas fairgrounds. This Waco area market also plays some live music. So enjoy being entertained as you shop!

Insider Tips

This particular farmers market can get crowded, so plan to wake up early to do your shopping. The market is pet-friendly, and you can bring your dog along for a dog treat.

The market has a sampler booth located at the center of the market. If you are not sure where to start, you can begin at the sampler booth and have a chance to sample all the vendors’ products in one place.

Homestead Heritage Market

Not a farmers market of a flea market, the Homestead Heritage Market is a general store that offers books, gardening tools, canning supplies, grain mills and livestock feed.

The Homestead Heritage Market provides its customers with some of the finest locally sourced organic and natural foods. The products come from family-operated gardens and orchards from right here in the Waco, Texas area.

The market has a butcher shop that sells locally raised grass-fed animals and authentically pastured chickens and eggs. You can also find delicious artisan baked goods, butter, cream, cleaning supplies and much more.

Insider Tips

If you want gluten-free, organic vegan brands, the Homestead Heritage Market is the place to visit. The market emphasis is on whole, natural foods.

The market also sells gifts for holidays and events! If you love beeswax candles, you can find them here at an affordable price!

The Troy Farmers Market

The farmers market located in Troy, Texas was established in 2011 and is held on Saturday every month. The Troy farmers market supports organic farmers, artists, craftsmen, and other local businesses.

Some of the products sold in this market include honey products, bee and goat products, delicious baked goods, fresh eggs, and vegetables. You can also find rare black irises, white irises, and purple irises.


The Troy Texas Farmers Market is open the first Saturday of the month April through August and is located at 201 E. Main Street, Troy, Texas.

Insider tips

The market is pet-friendly, and you can carry your dog along. The market has off-street parking and good bathrooms as well.