About Us

About Us

Waco Downtown Farmers Market is a non-profit organisation that runs several farmers markets across Waco, Texas. Our Markets offer a direct connection to many vendors, a little over 200 vendors and merchants with deep Texas roots in nurseries, farming, meat and seafood provision and bakeries.


We aim to see the local farmers grow to international standards. To see their produce help the community and cross state boundaries to help others as well. We learn from and listen to our vendors and shoppers alike and better the experience in our farmers markets for the benefit of all.


WFM is more of a catalyst to a healthier more prosperous nation with a sustainable food system. As such, we wish to see that:

  • Food producers in Waco expand and thrive to greater heights and positions
  • All residents have direct access to fresh foods allowing them to lead healthier lives without struggling to find foods to sustain their healthy lifestyles
  • That the farmers markets we set up nourish, build and inspire the community as a whole.

Our approach

The foundation set for anything is very important. It is the foundation that determines just how successful a project will be. With this in mind, WFM seeks to set a strong farming foundation investing in its vendors, employees as well as volunteers. With a strong work force leading the growth in the system, success is imminent.

To our merchants/vendors, we aim to be a marketing organisation that attracts shoppers from far and wide. This way the merchants can prosper and be committed to the course. Once taken care of, they can spread the gospel on fresh and healthy products without holding back.


WFM was not created in a day. It took a lot of effort to get to where it is. We are not about to let our history go down the drain. We shall do everything in our power to ensure both vendors and you our client is satisfied with the service offered.