Statistics both literally and figuratively have that this holiday the purchase of hoverboards are on the rise. The retail price for a green hoverboard range from $100 to $2000 depending on the model of your choice. According to statistics on the most purchased tech-related toys in 2015, the hoverboards easily ranked the list. The performance is sales would have improved but it was affected by the ban of the self-balancing board in some parts of the country.

Below you will find few cons and pros on purchasing the self-balancing board.


Ease of use: After asignificant amount of practice, the hoverboard can easily be used and maneuvered. There are tutorials on the internet teaching the owners of hoverboards how to ride the hoverboards in less than an hour.

Size: Compared to Segways, the self-balancing boards are much lighter and smaller.  The average weight of the self-balancing scooter range from 20 – 30 lbs. and it is important that you know that they can easily be stored in a locker.

Convenience: Just in case you are in close proximity between two different locations in your town or locality and you do not see the need to drive or take a walk, the green hoverboards are the solution to this situation. The green hoverboard can go up to 10 mph and they can travel 10-15 miles per full battery charge.

Design: The manufacturers of the green hoverboards intended to make this hoverboard more appealing to customers and also making it unique in the market, that led them to conclude on giving it a futuristic kind of design.


Injuries: It is no doubt that hoverboards contributed to minimal cases of accidents involving both children and their parents also. The U.S. consumer Product Safety Commission made a report on 70 emergency room visits owing to accidents caused by hoverboards, connected to collisions and falls.

Accessibility: Many airports and businesses have banned the use of hoverboards in their premises.

Availability:  During the holiday, the sales of hoverboards have soared, thereby making it hard to be found in online retail stores. Due to therisk of injuries, amazon has stopped listing the cheap knockoffs in the market.