On the eyes, the SPT icemaker is quite on the eyes, it is an attraction for those after premium looks. A classy stainless steel door is fitted to the black cabinet, an SPT badge is embellished near the bottom. Contributing to the ease at which the door is opened/closed, the handle is of full-length stainless steel. In addition, the door is also field reversible thereby, making it easy to adjust the door to whatever opening preference. The SPT IM 600US Ice Maker was designed for freestanding use and under-counter application because of the front exhaust fan. The SPT IM 600US is a compact unit that measures 14.6 inches wide, 32.8 inches high with a depth of 25 inches.

A licensed plumber is required for the installation of the SPT IM 600US unit as stated by the MFG. On the other hand, the installation of the unit can be a do it yourself task if you have an existing floor drain for the gravity drain hose. The warranty of the SPT IM 600US may be negated if you do not employ the service of a plumber for the installation of the unit, it is important you do not allow this escape your mind.


The ice making capabilities of the SPT IM 600US Ice Maker are quite impressive. The unit turns out up to 60 pounds of ice daily and it, in turn, can accommodate up to 30 pounds of ice. The SPT IM 600US ice making unit produces gourmet, clear ice cubes that are about ¾ inches in size and that are also square shaped. One operation cycle of the ice making unit runs for about 15 to 40 minutes, the variation is as of the temperature of the water and the ambient room temperature.

The ice drops on the ice bin in form of sheets that than individual cubes, this is unlike the premium icemakers in the market. You will have to give the sheet a good tap so the ice can break up individually. If you do not want to invest your entire budget for a premium ice maker in the market, this feature is a worthy compromise.