Sale of design T-shirt and custom clothing has been the “in thing”for the past few years and this can be attributed,mostly, to the model of crowdsourcing. This model is akin to the Kickstarter model wherebyyou as the seller need to have sold the product (by word of mouth) to other people before it is then manufactured.In other words, you would create a unique T-shirt design and pre-sell at least 10 piecesin order for the printing company to fund and kick start the process of manufacturing. This is a great way for entrepreneurs and designers to own both an offline and an online t-shirt store.

More so, you need not have any experience before using this model as it is very easy to use.

Advantages of starting up a t-shirt designing business

Below are some of the advantages of starting your t-shirt designing business.

No Record-keeping costs or its associated problems

One advantage of starting your own t-shirt designing business is that you don’t have to worry aboutrecord keeping of available products. Yes, the drop-shipper takes care of that also. All you need do is create your publicity tab, select your preferred products for sale from the range of products available (t- shirts, hats, women’s, men’s, unisex, kids, bags, hoodies,caps among others) and then choose the color palette for your products. Your product collection will be displayed on your personalized URL sales page for your customers to peruse through. That’s all it takes to stock up your ‘products’. No cost whatsoever is associated with this.

It is mobile friendly

So, here is the interesting part. Being a part of this business modelallows you the liberty to work either in the comfort of your home or at any location of your choice. What you basically need is a laptop and an internet connect and you are good to go!To keep the business running, you (the vendor) have to keep constant communication with both your supplier and your customers.These two relationships are essential in setting up your t-shirt publicity or t-shirt store.